Monday, February 07, 2005

::we moved::

so we have a new house..... yeah visit me and edu and edd and eduardo, and pollito, and baby b and well all of them in
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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

::just like barça::

My ex told me that I was like Barcelona, a pretentious little b..... he's so dutch!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

::oh I think it's time to come again::

Give me a few weeks tons of pics, and stories....well Barcelona is shining
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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

::from ny to paris::

One of the not that good things of my job is that I don't own my time, they organize my agenda, and i just have to say yes and jump into a plane, I'm starting to know the crews, and I'm starting to talk as a Continental-boy....I don't say Buenos Aires, I say EZE or Ezeiza. that's the airport code, or Gru for Sao Paulo, or JFK to NY. OH it's so great when you don't have to make lines to check your bags...
Well the FAA, is still working in our little problem...ARGH!, I'm getting tired of waiting, and my boss said that we couldn't wait for ever, that there was this other little project in Paris. oh Paris...I love paris, why oh why do I love Paris?, because my love is here.... yeah right!... so Paris it is!...

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Friday, October 10, 2003

::my boss...a bitch::

Look at me, 7:30 am, I’ve been in my office for 20 minutes, sleepy, cranky and hating my boss like I’ve never hated anyone else before, where the hell this people found this woman?, she’s not a femme fatal, she’s a bitch!, BIG DIFFERENCE, I shall say. The way she treats others, just makes me wanna throw her out of the window!, Oh but not me…I’m soooo not gonna let her!, Today we are having a party in my office, oh and we all better have some fun or we’ll get fired… but I’m gonna let her know I’m not happy, well I brought a desert, yeah and boy I'm soooooooo leaving early today!!
I went to Rio again, oh I love it, the plane flights above the amazon for like 40 minutes, scarrrrrrrrrrrrry, but beautiful, green everywhere.
Last night I had dinner with Chester and his boyfriend, there was Fred and his boy too. Oh fun!...we all looked great please girls don't look at this table..
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Thursday, October 09, 2003

::sweet dreams::

Oh my, I've been soooo busy lately, the office is consuming half my time, another quarter in the gym, and the other quarter well boys… hehehe.
The past week I’ve been moving all my things in the office from the 10th floor to the 18th, I have a great view from the bay…love it! It wont last much but its great, My plans to go to NY still up, we’ve been having some problems with the FAA, but hopefully this week all this will be solved.
I have so many pics to post from my little trips to Rio, and Buenos Aires, oh and the ones to Peru, Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Mexico, I’m a happy camper!
About boys, well… I met this really nice sweet guy, he’s an engineer for a French cosmetic comp. 27, and cute as cute can be, we dated a few times, but then I met one of his friends, WOW hot guy, nice lips I have to say, and the boy know how to use them…but one day at a club I met a another guy, I was a bit drunk, I know that’s not an excuse, the guy ended up being one of guy N°2 best friend. OH fun! Hahahaha
Well…wait for the pics boys!

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Sunday, August 31, 2003

::building a new life::

So many things, so many people, so many, so many…-I can’t complain, life’s been treating me well, I’ve been taking good care of me, and I’m in the place I wan t to be. You make plans, but you just can’t count with “casualité” you can call it destiny or luck, or just little white flower in your way that you may or not pick. Let’s see, I finished my job in the studio I was working, my friends, yeah they are now my friends, were really happy with their project, and I was happy. I can’t tell you how sweet they are, Jaime & Margarita, I wish one day I find what they have. Before they went back to California, Jaime asked me if I could take care of the construction, I have very little experience in that field, so I let him know that, he said it was ok, that I still should take the job, so I did, why not, one week later I got the most weird phone call, I was shopping, yeah got the most amazing Italian shoes I’ve seen, anyway, I had one of the shoes in my hand when my mobile started ringing…I answered, and there was this lady talking in English, she got me by surprise, she asked for Rod, first I thought she got the wrong number, then I thought she was trying to talk to my ex-boss, maybe she got my number by mistake, so I asked her if she wanted to speak with Rod G., that I was edd, she then said that she wanted to talk to me, I still had the most amazing Salvatore F. shoe in my hand, I asked her who she was, and she said she was calling me from C. Airlines, hmmm what for?, how you got my number?, she said she got a recommendation from Rod G’s brother, and if I was interested in working with them…with an airline? As what?…. as a designer she replied….no way!… I couldn’t said yes right away, so she asked me to come to her office, she interviewed me, and offered me a job designing some of their offices with their team all over latin America and north America, I had to say yes. My first week at my office was really nice, I thought I was going to get a training, but after the second day, my boss called me and asked me what project I was going to work on, I told her, and she said it wasn’t good enough, that I had to get ready ‘cause I was leaving the next day to Peru and Buenos Aires, and well I’m still trying to assimilate all this.
Last week was my 3rd week in the office, and my boss called me once again, and asked me if I was ready to take care of a new project, I told her that I was… so she gave me a file that had big red letters and when I read JFK/ NY I just couldn’t believe it….yes, now I’m designing in NY, I’ll be traveling once every 2 weeks there. I’m happy and I’ve been missing all of you!

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